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Electrical Field Testing, Breaker Repair, Substation Construction - For help with Maintenance, Testing, Repair, High Voltage Construction, Design or Engineering call:


Saber Power servicing the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Our complete line of High Voltage Services are available in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Area: Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, Garland, Irving, Grand Prairie, McKinney, Mesquite, Frisco, Carrollton, Denton, Richardson and surrounding areas.

Preventive Maintenance

Transformer Testing (Power Factor,TTR,Winding Resistance,SFRA),SF6 Gas Breaker Testing,Switchgear and Bus Duct Testing,Protective Relay Testing/Calibration, Motor & Generator Testing, OCB Breaker Testing and Repair, LV & MV Breaker Testing, Cable Testing and Terminations.

Predictive Maintenance

Infrared Thermography, Oil Analysis, Ultrasonics, SF6 Analysis.

Substation Service

Complete Substation Maintenance & Commissioning. Grounding System, Testing, Oil, Testing, and Dehydration. Power Breakers –Vacuum, Oil,and SF6. Switchgear and Motor Controls. Bushing Tests & Cleaning. CT & PT Test. Relays & SCADA.

High Voltage Transformer Testing

Start-up & Commissioning. Insulated Fluid Testing, Evaluation, Filtering and Dehydration. Power Factor Testing. Load Tap Changer Repair. Voltage Regulators. Bushing Replacements. Leak Repairs. Regasketing.

Circuit Breaker Repair

Molded Case. Insulated Case. Solid State Trip Unit Retrofits. All Manufacturers/Types. Clean, Calibrate, Rebuild.

Protective Relays

Testing and Calibration. Upgrades/Retrofits. Electro-Mechanical, Digital.

Cable Testing

Hi-Pot, VLF, and Tan-Delta Testing. Fault Location. Ultrasonic Corona Detection. Terminations and Stress Cone.

Electrical Engineering Service

Arc-Flash Analysis. Overcurrent Coordination. Transient Stability. Short Circuit Studies. Power Quality Analysis. Power Factor Correction. Harmonic Analysis. Load Flow Studies. Grounding System Studies.

Substation Construction | 34k - 765kV

Design, Engineering, Procurement, Project Management. Civil Work, Concrete, Steel Erection. SF6-GIS, ISO-Phase Bus, Gas Breakers. Bus Work - Additions, Repairs, Switch Additions. Pole Line Construction, Repair & Maintenance. Industrial, Utility or Commercial Markets

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