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Electrical Engineering Services

Electrical Engineering Services

Saber Power Services has a Team of Professional Engineers with extensive experience in all facets of electrical power systems for Commercial, Industrial, and Utility Installations. Whether it is a simple issue of adding a new breaker to an existing line-up, or building a new 345 KV substation with 50 miles of transmission line, we can do it..

Expertise includes:

  • Arc Flash Studies - Arc flash analysis, recommendations, and remedies.
  • Grounding Studies
  • Harmonic Analysis - part of a power quality study to identify the source of harmonics and develop a plan for corrective action.
  • Load Flow Studies - evaluates the power system to ensure it is adequately designed to satisfy your performance criteria. A properly designed system helps contain capital investment and future operating costs.
  • Power Quality Studies - Get to the root of power quality problems by examining harmonics, load flow and power factors to understand the source of the disturbances and develop solutions to reduce system loading.
  • Power Factor Studies - performed to improve the existing power factor in the plant.
  • Power System Reliability Studies - provides information necessary to upgrade/maintain the power delivery system. The results focus on reducing operating costs, improving efficiency and increasing reliability.
  • Relay Design & Integration - provide upgrades and replacement of your aging protection based relays with digital relays that deliver improved protection, reliability, efficiency, and overall system performance.
  • Single-Line Diagram Development - Develop, review, or update your Single-Line Diagram to ensure your compliance with NFPA and provide a vital roadmap for all future testing, service and maintenance activities.
  • Short Circuit / Coordination Studies - evaluate the magnitude of currents flowing through the power system to recommend ratings/device settings to ensure minimum service interruption under overload and short circuit conditions.
  • Transient Stability Study - Commonly used when adding large motors or loads to existing systems.

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