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Electrical Field Testing, Breaker Repair, Substation Construction - For help with Maintenance, Testing, Repair, High Voltage Construction, Design or Engineering call:


Electrical Contractor equipped to assist municipalities, hospitals, data centers, large industrials, plants, refineries, utility companies, and other large operations get back on their feet

Saber Power Services is equipped to get our customers' large electrical systems back on their feet. Our team will conduct electrical triage and have full capabilities for rebuilding and replacing water damaged electrical systems. Saber is ready to help municipalities, hospitals, data centers, large industrials, plants, refineries, utility companies, and other large operations. Call any one of our Disaster Recovery Team members directly, Saber is ready to help our customers get through the storm and safely get back operational as soon as possible.

Emergency Response Services

Unanticipated failures can pose serious hazards with potentially devastating effects. From damage assessment and inspection to equipment repair, refurbishment and replacement, Saber PowerServices is your source to get you up and running quickly, ensuring your safe, reliable return to operation.

When you have an emergency, count on Saber Power Services for expert onsite electrical disaster recovery services.

We have technicians available around the clock, seven days a week, for critical electrical emergency needs, including:

  • High Voltage Electrical Systems Troubleshooting
  • Electrical Triage
  • Electrical System Damage Assessment
  • Inspection & Testing of High Voltage Equipment
  • Equipment Repair / Recondition
  • Spare Parts Support
  • Replacement Equipment
  • Installation
  • Commissioning & Startup

Saber personnel have experience ( typically within the first 48 hours doing Electrical Triage and establishing Temporary Power via Generators) in major catastrophe areas such as for Hurricanes, Floods, Tsunamis, and other natural disasters.

Responding Safely

Serving Houston, the Gulf Coast, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, West Texas, East Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, the Lower 48, Mexico, Caribbean, Central & South America

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