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Life at Saber Power Services - Best Company to work for in Houston

Life at Saber - Fishing Tournament

Annual Fishing Tournaments, Family Picnics, & Holiday Parties are just the beginning

High Voltage Field Technicians - Company Picnic - BBQ Electrical Engineers

Saber Power Services prides itself on being an employee focused company. We believe that by being dedicated to taking care of our employees, that same dedication will be extended to our customers. We realize that our reputation is built on the impression that our employees, both in the field and in the office, make on our customers. As one of the top companies to work for in Houston, Texas, it is a firm belief that well-taken care of employees are often the most dedicated, hardworking and reliable.

Annual Fishing Tournaments at Saber Power

The Saber Family
Work-Life Balance

Saber Power Services works continuously to instill a family-like atmosphere by creating a unified team of hardworking employees in a professional work environment. At Saber Power, employees enjoy monthly company luncheons. Friendly competition is also encouraged during our successful Chili cook-offs and Saber bake-offs, where employees get to show off their recipes and compete for prizes.

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BBQ's, Fishing, Holiday Parties, and more!

Saber Power also holds events for employees outside of work hours. A company event like family BBQ’s, fishing tournaments, and holiday parties are just a few things Saber Power offers for employees to enjoy. Fun things like these and much more are what make us one of the best companies to work for in Houston.

If Work-Life Balance is important to you, give us a call. WE ARE HIRING !

If you are interested in pursuing a rewarding career in the High Voltage Electrical Field while working for a company that really takes care of its employees, you have come to the right place. Click here to visit our High Voltage Electrical Careers page or call us Today at 713-222-9102 in Houston, Texas.

Saber is actively looking for the following positions and offers great benefits, a competitive salary, and a challenging career with the opportunity for advancement

  • High Voltage Field Technicians
  • Relay Technicians
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Superintendents
  • Project Managers
  • SCADA Technicians
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) Technicians

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