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Grounding Studies | Professional Services

Grounding Studies

A grounding analysis will determine if your equipment has proper ground fault protection installed and operating. Grounding is critical for the protection of electrical equipment and the safety of workers.

Grounding keeps devices safe from surges, lightning, and faults. Some equipment also requires grounding as an essential component for operation, as it serves as a reference point for various measures. It should be noted that fault protection is required by NFPA-70, the national electric code.

The grounding studies will detect any installation or calibration errors in your grounding system. These include things such as problems in tripping tolerance (too sensitive or too insensitive), polarity issues, and neutral connections to ground.

Benefits of Ground System Testing:

  • Good (low resistance) grounding systems increases life safety.
  • Reduces standalone and networked systems noise.
  • Protects from lightning and unwanted voltages.
  • Power surges and impulses can be shunted by surge protection devices.
  • Circuit breakers can function properly.
  • Lightning protection systems can operate properly.

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