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High Potential Cable Testing

High Potential Cable Testing Hi-Pot Cable Testing

Cable testing is used to determine the integrity of cable’s dielectric properties within a pass/fail test. Several testing methods exist for this purpose including High Potential (Hipot), Very Low Frequency (VLF), and Partial Discharge (PD).

Hipot testing applies a high voltage to the cable for a short period while the leakage current data is measured. IEEE restricts which types of cables Hipot should applied to as there is a risk of actually damaging the cable during testing for certain cables.


VLF is a similar protocol that uses a low frequency, high voltage (~.1 Hz) and is recommended for all types of cable.

Cable Terminations & Stress Cones

Saber Power will also install cable terminations and stress cones to prevent insulation failures that would damage the system. Cable testing should be used as a preventive maintenance strategy to avoid unnecessary downtimes from loss of power.

Hi-Pot Testing - Partial Discharge

Partial Discharge (PD) can occur at voids, gaps and other defects in medium and high voltage cable systems. If left to continue, it will erode the insulation and eventually cause a complete breakdown and failure of the cable. These failures can cause unplanned power outages, loss of plant production, equipment damage, and/or personnel injury.

PD testing provides data and other critical information about the quality of the cable system and its potential impact on the cable system.

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