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SABER Power Services
9841 Saber Power Ln
Rosharon Texas 77583
Ph: 713-222-9102
Fax: 713-236-8386

Technical Support
Electrical Field Service - For help with any Maintenance, Testing, Repair, Design or Engineering questions - 713-222-9102

Emergency Electrical Services
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Field Service

Equipped with the latest, state of the art test equipment, our technicians and field engineers are able to test and calibrate the most sophisticated Electrical Distribution and Transmissions Systems in service today.

A failure can occur almost anywhere in your system. With our Electrical testing, Maintenance and effective troubleshooting services we can make a dramatic difference in your system reliability by preventing unexpected failures and the subsequent excessive cost of emergency repair.

  The ability to predict or prevent system deficiencies is often the difference between the efficient, reliable operation of your electrical system and the failure of those key assets. At SABER POWER SERVICES, LLC, our reliability based predictive, preventive, and emergency maintenance solutions are designed by vised and performed by some of the most experienced and competent technicians in the industry.

Our comprehensive Electrical Service offering includes


Start-up/Commissioning/Acceptance Testing

- Grounding System Testing
- Infrared Thermography
- Protective Relay Calibration
- Cable Testing
- Cable Terminations & Stress Cones
- Underground Cable & Fault Locating
- Breaker/Relay Retrofits & Upgrades
- Transformer Oil Testing/Analysis/Processing
- Doble Insulation Power Factor Testing
- Transformer Load Tap Changer Repair
- Transformer Leak Repairs/Regasketing
- Transformer Bushing Replacement
- Switchgear & Motor Control Maintenance

24 Hour Emergency Service

- High /Medium and Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Repair and Replacement
- Power and Distribution Transformers Repair and Changeout
- Oil Circuit Breaker repair and changeout to SF6
- Instrumentation and Meters
- Motors and Motor Winding Testing and Repair
- Battery Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
- Ground Fault Monitors
- Technical Training Services



Electrical System Acceptance Testing and Start-Up Services

Acceptance testing and start-up services provide customers with the assurance that their equipment complies with the qualifications and establishes a base line for future reference. Skilled engineers and technicians utilizing the latest state-of-the-art test equipment can assure our customers a timely start-up for their plants.

Generator Tests

  - ELCID and RTD testing
- Winding Resistance, Polarization Index
- DC Hi-Potential and Delta-Tan testing

High Voltage Tests

  - Circuit Breaker Timing
- Transformer Winding Resistance
- Transformer Turns Ratio
- Insulating Fluid Analysis
- Dissolved Gas Analysis
- Power Factor Analysis
- Instrument Transformer Tests
- Protective Relay Calibration
- Infrared Analysis

Low Voltage Tests

  - Functional Test of Components and Systems
- Insulation Test
- Contact Resistance
- Primary Current Injection

Maintenance Contracts

  - Custom Preventive Maintenance
- Monthly Inspection of Substations
- Total Combustible Gases Checked
- Transformer Inspections
- Annual Testing of Incoming Line Equipment
- Substation Battery Inspections & Maintenance
- Scheduled Outage Services
- Infrared Analysis

Preventative Maintenance and Repair

  - Primary Current Injection Testing
- Switchgear Modifications, Upgrades and Repair
- AC/DC Hi-Potential Testing
- Oil and Gas Analysis
- Infrared Analysis
- Breaker Retrofits, Reconditioning and Repair

Substation and Power Delivery Testing

  SABER POWER SERVICES, LLC’s power delivery testing services address the challenge of substation reliability. with proper testing and calibration of the protective devices, the likelihood of nuisance tripping and damage to substation equipment and personnel is reduced drastically. The following services are a part of our Substation and Power Delivery Testing offering:

- Transformer Testing and Repair
- Protective Relay Testing and Calibration
- Oil Circuit Breaker Testing and Repair
- SF6, Vacuum and Air Circuit Breaker Testing and Repair
- Cable Testing
- Station Battery and UPS System Testing
- Infrared Analysis

Start-up and Commissioning Service

  SABER POWER SERVICES, LLC’s start-up and commissioning services provide the expertise to complete your project safely, per your plans and specifications, on time, and within budget. Proven start-up and commissioning procedures is essential to the long-term reliability of an electrical system. Improper installation and commissioning can cause equipment failures. With SABER's start-up and commissioning services, you can be assured that your equipment has been tested and commissioned properly.

More than half of early equipment failures can be traced to design, installation, or startup deficiencies. Many avoidable outages are due to improper testing procedures, coordination and calibration of protective devices as well as wiring errors, design errors, etc.. In other cases, the failures don't occur until months after the equipment has gone into operation and the warranties have expired.

When improper start-up and testing procedures are applied, the results can be devastating. Your electrical system could experience a catastrophic failure due to relatively small installation and testing errors. SABER’s Commissioning & Startup Services can verify that the equipment has been properly installed and its function complies with the purchase specifications and design.
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