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High Voltage Electrical Qualifications


High Voltage Electrical Service Experience

Although Saber Power Services was formed as a company in 2010, it's roots go back in the Gulf Coast Electrical Community over 50 years, and our Team has literally hundreds of years of combined experience in this business. Saber personnel have years of experience in the start-up, commissioning, electrical testing, maintenance, engineering and construction of all types of Large Commercial, Heavy Industrial, and Utility Customer Facilities.

Locally Based, Regional Capability

When you work with Saber Power Services, you have the whole business covered. We are Large enough to do the Job, but Small enough to care about doing it Right the First Time! Through our network of affiliate partners, we have the resources to offer full service coverage on a local and Regional basis. This assures speedy response time and efficient project communication regardless of location.

Independent with Accepted Industry Standards

Saber Power Services is an independent electrical testing company, not affiliated with any equipment manufacturers or suppliers. Thus, we provide unbiased test results and recommendations based on the most recent principles of quality and value engineering. We also follow all the current standards of NETA, the only Industry wide accepted standard for Electrical Power system and equipment maintenance and acceptance testing.

Certified Test Reports

All Saber Power Services test reports conform to the NETA Acceptance and Maintenance Testing Specifications, which includes the following:

  • Outline of the work or project
  • Description of Electrical Tests Performed
  • Summary of Equipment Tested
  • Listing of any anomalies found
  • Test Data
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

Unbiased Field Test Results

Saber Power Services is a company that engages neither in the manufacturing nor installation of electrical apparatus. This ensures unbiased high voltage electrical testing programs where there is no gain or loss to be made by Saber from any recommendation of replacement or modification to improve the safety and reliability.

Single Point of Contact

Saber offers electrical testing and maintenance, engineering services, project management, and training services. You will work with one Saber contact who will manage the complete project. The broad range of technical services offered by SABER and long term industry experience will provide a technical extension to your electrical engineer or maintenance staff.

Electrical Emergency Response - High Voltage Disaster Recovery

Saber Power Services offers service on a 24/7 basis every day of the year. In the event of a failure, experienced Saber support professionals respond on demand with the proper equipment required to quickly meet your unforeseen on-site needs.

Total Electrical System Capability

A failure can occur nearly anywhere in your system. Saber Power Services, a full service company, will review your total electrical distribution system, regardless of make or design.

The Saber commitment to your project goes far beyond the anticipated scope of work. Saber Power Services views itself as your partner whereby enhanced safety, reliability, and value engineering will significantly improve your return on investment.

The key benefits provided by Saber Power Services are:

  • One Stop Service Provider
  • 24x7 Emergency Response every day of the year
  • State-of-the-art high voltage electrical test equipment
  • Standardized reports available for Customer download
  • Large pool of test equipment and trained personnel
  • Excellent safety records
  • Customer Centric attitude towards getting the job done
  • Saber Power Services technical resources

Saber's team is comprised of an impressive number of registered professional engineers, electrical engineers, NETA-Certified technicians, and other support personnel. We have combined experience of hundreds of years of direct experience working on Electric Power Systems from 12 Volts DC to 550 KV, and all that go with them.

High Voltage Electrical Test Equipment & Calibration

Accurate test results depend on a comprehensive program of test equipment maintenance and calibration. Saber adheres to the NETA Acceptance Testing Specifications and Maintenance Testing Specifications for equipment calibration. All of Saber's test equipment is checked on a regular basis against documented national standards. Equipment found to be out of calibration is withdrawn from use until corrected, re-tested and found adequate.

Saber Power Services has a calibration program that assures all applicable test instruments are maintained within rated accuracy. The accuracy is directly traceable to the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST).

Instrumentation is calibrated in accordance with the following frequency schedule and services:

  • Analog, 6 months maximum
  • Digital, 12 months maximum
  • Laboratory Instrumentation: 12 months
  • Leased Specialty Equipment: 12 months where accuracy is guaranteed by lessor
  • Dated calibration labels are placed on all test equipment
  • Records, which show date and results of instruments calibrated or tested are kept at Saber
  • Up-to-date instrument calibration instructions and procedures are maintained for each test instrument
  • Calibrating standards of higher accuracy than that of the instrument tested are used to calibrate our test equipment

Responding Safely

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