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Now that Saber Power Services is settled in our new 50,000 SQ FT state-of-the-art facility, our goal to be a one-stop service provider extends beyond engineering and field services. Saber Power also provides Customer Training Events that include training relative to engineering, construction and other field services. Since Saber Power Services is not affiliated with any manufacturer, you are guaranteed to receive a completely unbiased training experience.

Electrical System Maintenance Training

Our training events are targeted for experienced maintenance and engineering professionals that are responsible for the design, engineering, maintenance, operation and reliability of MV and HV Power Systems. Training events are presented by the Saber team of registered professional engineers, electrical engineers and technicians.

Substation - Distribution System Maintenance Training

Our hands on training events are often held in our facility starting with a meet and greet with Saber Power personnel, followed by an in-depth presentation and a Q&A session over lunch. Saber Power also plans outings for the afternoon portion of the event. Recent outings included a trip to Wildcat Golf Club and the Greater Houston Gun club.

As a NETA certified workforce, Saber considers safety as one of the highest priorities to not only our business operations but outside operations as well. With this, we offer many types of training necessary for the particular work environment.

Our customer training events have been a success for both Saber Power Services and our customers. These presentations are interactive and informative, providing the customers with knowledge and skills to better their own business ventures.

Some of the previous topics discussed in Saber Power customer training events includes:

  • Substation and Distribution system maintenance
  • The relative value for all diagnostic tests, and what can be learned from them.
  • Our experiences in very specific weak links in a power system, which can bring a system down, and how to mitigate that risk.
  • Lessons Saber Power have learned on specific manufactured equipment.
  • The specifics of oil and SF6 sample results and when to take action, and how to correct.
  • Definitions of very specific spare parts to have on hand, and how to get the maximum uptime and return on your spare parts investment for your system.
  • Discuss the 3 specific things that you should do immediately to cut your unscheduled electrical downtime by 50%.

High Voltage Maintenance Training

Available Safety training provided at Saber Power Services includes:

  • Safety Related Work Practices (Articles 100-130)
  • Safety Related Maintenance Requirements (Articles 200-250)
  • Safety Requirements for Special Equipment (Articles 300-350)
  • Informative Annexes:
  • Limits of Approach (Annex C)
  • Incident Energy and Arc Flash Boundary Calculation Methods (Annex D)
  • Electrical Safety Program (Annex E)
  • Hazard Analysis, Risk Estimation and Risk Evaluation Procedure (Annex F)
  • Sample Lockout/Tagout Procedure (Annex G)
  • Guidance on Selection of Protective Clothing and Other Personal Protective Equipment (Annex H)
  • Job Briefing and Planning Checklist (Annex I)
  • Energized Electrical Permit (Annex J)
  • General Categories of Electrical Hazards (Annex K)
  • Typical Applications of Safeguards in the Cell Line Working Zone (Annex L)
  • Laying of Protective Clothing and Total System Arc Rating (Annex M)
  • Example Industrial Procedures and Policies for Working Near Overhead Electrical Lines and Equipment (Annex N)
  • Safety-Related Design Requirements (Annex O)
  • Aligning Implementation of this Standard with Occupational Health and Safety Management Standards (Annex P)

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