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PowerDB - Acceptance & Maintenance Test Data Management Software

PowerDB Electrical Test Data Sofwtare

Being able to interpret and analyze test reports that generate from testing services performed on your equipment, as well as having the opportunity to easily compare results from previous test is crucial to maintain your systems ability to run in a safe, consistent and cost-effective manner. Saber Power Services makes delivering accurate, informative and straightforward test reports to our customers a top priority. To provide this invaluable service, Saber Power Services uses PowerDB to produce all of our test reports with the data we collect during our testing services.

PowerDB is a software designed for electrical Testers and contractors and is used for the collecting of acceptance and maintenance data from tests performed on equipment that are used in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power.

Benefits of using PowerDB

Saber’s use of PowerDB is beneficial to its customers for a variety of reasons. With PowerDB, we can quickly sort and search customer and contract information. We can provide our customers with complete and detailed test reports and inspection records with any necessary follow-up actions. To minimize the time spent during data entry and to avoid data entry error, PowerDB also has the ability to interface with electronic test instruments to gather test results. PowerDB provides countless features that helps Saber Power better assist customers including the ability to:

  • Create custom test forms
  • Archive historical test results
  • Provide Device Productivity Reports that track the time spent testing

Field Test Reports (Preliminary) left with the customer before we leave the site. Final Test Reports a couple of days later

Saber Power Services understands the need for prompt results and other test findings. A preliminary report is issued to our customers before we leave the job site and is followed up with a final report shortly thereafter. Saber Power Services is committed to ensure our customers with records and reports that are timely, accurate, and informative.

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