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SABER Power Services
9841 Saber Power Ln
Rosharon Texas 77583
Ph: 713-222-9102
Fax: 713-236-8386

Technical Support
Electrical Field Service - For help with any Maintenance, Testing, Repair, Design or Engineering questions - 713-222-9102

Emergency Electrical Services
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Preventive & Predictive Electrical Maintenance

  It's natural for electrical equipment to degrade over time, but it doesn't necessarily have to fail. Preventive Maintenance Services from Saber will evaluate the condition of your equipment and determine the most cost-effective and manageable solution to guarantee its overall performance, safety and reliability.

Elements of a good preventive maintenance program should include the following:

- Identification of equipment or systems that may malfunction
- Typical equipment to be inspected including switchgear, circuit breakers, transformers, switches, etc.
- Establishment of schedules and procedures for routine inspections
- Inventory of spare parts for equipment that needs frequent repairs
- Periodic testing of plant equipment for structural soundness
- Prompt repair or replacement of defective equipment found during inspection and testing
- Use of an organized record-keeping system to schedule tests and document inspections
- Commitment to ensure that records are complete and detailed, and that they record test results and follow-up actions
- Preventive maintenance inspection records should be kept with other visual inspection records

Expertise includes:


Commercial Applications

  Let us help you design and implement a preventive maintenance strategy that will reduce your overall maintenance costs and the amount of time spent on unplanned unexpected maintenance. And more significantly, improve the overall reliability throughout your facility. SABER is taking a new look at preventive and predictive maintenance by combining well-established engineering principles with cost-effective programs and technology that make maintenance manageable throughout your facility. Our investments in state of the art instrumentation and automated testing have formed efficient electrical maintenance programs that identify factors that lead to equipment deterioration. Once these factors have been identified we then provide measures for correcting these effects and improving the overall performance, reliability and life cycle cost of your system.

Our preventive and predictive maintenance services include: ground fault systems testing, transformer testing, ultrasonic detection, standby generation testing, infrared scanning, dissolved gas analysis, vibration analysis, wear metal analysis, computerized maintenance baseline tracking, Corona, SF6 Laser Leak detection, and power quality surveys. We also use trending data, and industry baseline data, to determine any anomalies, when testing, and customers will be advised on the day that the anomaly is found.

Preventative Maintenance Services

SABER's preventative maintenance programs provide our customers with the peace of mind that their power system is functioning properly, safely, and reliably. Our structured programs are custom designed to work with any type or size of system.
SABER designs programs that work with our customer's budgetary and operational needs. Our programs will ensure that any applicable regulatory and reliability compliance requirements are fulfilled.

A properly maintained electrical system will function correctly and its protective features will minimize equipment damage when called upon to perform. Fewer equipment failures will keep operational costs to a minimum and can extend the life of the system as a whole.

Key service offerings

  - Transformer testing (power factor, turns ratio ( TTR ), winding resistance)
- Sf6 gas analysis and leak detection
- Sf6 gas breaker testing
- Insulating oil analysis
- Switchgear and buss duct testing
- Protective relay testing & calibration(electro-mechanical, solid state, microprocessor)
- Meter calibration
- Power system studies
- Motor & Generator testing
- OCB breaker testing and repair
- Low voltage & medium voltage breaker testing
- Thermo graphic surveys
- Station battery system testing
- Earth/ground testing
- Power cable testing and locating


  SABER establishes custom multi-year maintenance programs to help improve your overall system reliability. Components of your system are monitored at scheduled intervals for a budgeted yearly amount.

SABER's in-service inspection and testing program provides comprehensive predictive services for obtaining and testing liquid samples, infrared inspections, corona detection, and visual inspections of entire substations or distribution systems and equipment. We maintain an inventory of state-of-the-art predictive maintenance equipment. Under our program, we provide comprehensive engineering reports detailing and summarizing the deficiencies discovered and make recommendations for repairs. Inspections, testing, and maintenance are performed by Test Technicians/Engineers with Professional Thermography training. Information collected is reviewed and appraised by engineers experienced in electrical apparatus testing and maintenance practice.
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