About our Company

Saber Power Services, LLC.


Saber Power Services, LLC is headquartered in Houston, Texas and is focused on serving Utility, Industrial, and Commercial Customers along the greater Gulf Coast, as well as throughout the US and internationally. Give us a call with your electrical needs 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

We are a NETA Accredited Company (NAC), which is an electrical testing association that is committed to setting global standards in electrical maintenance and acceptance testing. NETA Accredited Companies are independent electrical power systems testing service providers that are dissociated of competing service or manufacturing interest. NETA Accredited Companies entrust a team of NETA Certified Technicians along with other support personnel experienced in all aspects of electrical power systems testing and maintenance, while being in accordance with ANSI/NETA standards. Having a NETA certified technician backed by a NETA Accredited Company means every phase of testing is being performed to the highest standard.