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SABER Power Services
9841 Saber Power Ln
Rosharon Texas 77583
Ph: 713-222-9102
Fax: 713-236-8386

Technical Support
Electrical Field Service - For help with any Maintenance, Testing,Repair, Design or Engineering questions - 713-222-9102

Emergency Electrical Services
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Plant Shutdowns & Turnarounds

  Plant turnarounds constitute the single largest identified maintenance expense--and controlling the costs and duration represents a definite challenge. Saber's shutdown services can help you get the most out of your next turnaround. From planning and pre-outage diagnostics to equipment maintenance, upgrades and repair, Saber can help. We'll determine the most cost-effective and manageable solution to ensure your assets' overall performance, safety and reliability.

- Pre-Outage Planning
- Pre-Outage Diagnostic Testing
- Pre-Outage Electrical Maintenance
- Maintenance & Testing Services
- Post Outage Report & Feedback
We can help manage your turnaround - in whatever role you need us to fill. Together, we'll plan your successful turnaround and build long-term life cycle efficiency for your plant

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