Emergency Response Team Stands Ready for 2021 Hurricane Season

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Emergency Response Team Stands Ready for 2021 Hurricane Season

As we enter into the 2021 hurricane season, Saber Power is well prepared to help companies and municipalities in Houston, the Gulf Coast region and beyond get their electrical systems operating as safely and quickly as possible after a storm.

Our NETA-certified electricians and technicians conduct emergency response, electrical triage, damage assessment and inspection to rebuild and replace damaged electrical systems to get our clients running quickly – ensuring a safe, reliable return to operation.

With experience assisting municipalities, hospitals, data centers, large industrials, plants, refineries and utility companies during Hurricanes Laura (2020), Harvey (2017), Katrina (2005) and Ivan (2004), our emergency electrical team has proven we have the resources and capabilities to perform electrical triage and establish temporary power via generators, typically within the first 48 hours.

Our 24-hour emergency electrical field services include:

  • Electrical emergency first response
  • Electrical triage
  • Electrical system damage assessment
  • Inspection and testing of high voltage equipment
  • Equipment repair / recondition
  • Spare parts support
  • Replacement equipment
  • Installation commissioning and startup
  • High, medium and low voltage circuit breaker repair and replacement
  • Power and distribution transformers repair and changeout
  • Oil circuit breaker repair and changeout to SF6
  • Instrumentation and meters
  • Motors and motor winding resting and repair
  • Battery inspection, testing and maintenance
  • Ground fault monitors

“Saber’s strategic preparation and storm response is based on a safety-first approach as we restore our clients’ electrical systems,” said Brian Bratton, CEO.

Visit saberpower.com/emergency-response to learn more about our services and experience responding to clients along the Gulf Coast and beyond to repair equipment and systems damaged by hurricanes and storms.