Saber Power Services and Distributed Power Solutions Team Up for Hurricane Laura Response

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saber power hurricane laura response

On August 26, 2020, Hurricane Laura knocked out power to half a million customers across the Gulf Coast. The entire electrical grid was devastated and unstable. A backup power source was deemed vital while the damage was repaired. One of the region’s primary utility providers released this statement: “Because of the extent of damage and rebuilding required, we expect recovery to be as difficult and challenging as we have ever faced in the past and customers in the hardest-hit areas should expect extended power outages lasting for weeks.” 

The next morning, we had our first conference call with Distributed Power Solutions (DPS), an energy company headquartered in New Orleans that supplies fast-track turnkey power solutions. One of Saber Power’s valued customers, Energy Transfer, was temporarily allocated 8MW of power by their utility provider, far short of the 40MW necessary to supply power to their facility. We needed a creative solution.

In less than a week, DPS and Saber Power needed to deliver enough turbines to generate 40MW of power to the plant substation. DPS tells the story in a recent blog post you can read here on LinkedIn: